Weekly Menu




   Monday, August 13

  • Chipotle chicken wrap w/ avocado aioli cup
  • Turkey pretzel sandwich w/ cream of potato soup OR house salad combo
  • Chicken caesar salad w/ caesar dressing


    Tuesday, August 14     

  • HOT LUNCH: Teriyaki chicken with grilled pineapples,ginger rice & assorted veggies
  • Turkey gobbler sandwich w/ cranberry sauce & cream cheese
  • Chef salad with ranch dressing


   Wednesday, August 15

  • Chicken & bacon wrap w/feta & oregano dip
  • Turkey triple decker w/ fruit parfait combo
  • Antipasto salad w/ italian dressing
  • Pesto chicken salad w/ ranch dressing


   Thursday, August 16

  • Chicken salad on croissant
  • Supreme wrap (turkey, roast beef & provolone/ garlic dip)
  • Turkey club salad w/avocado ranch dressing


   Friday, August 17

  • HOT LUNCH: Sun-dried tomato chicken with rotini pasta & creamy tomato sauce
  • Cobb salad w/ ranch dressing




  • Mediterranean chicken combo w/ hummus & pita bread (TUESDAY,WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY)
  • PB & jelly combo (EVERYDAY THIS WEEK)
  • Chef’s fruit & cheese bowl (EVERYDAY)


Please submit any special request on the day before.

For catering orders, please call 702.286.6160


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