Weekly Menu




   Monday, January 23

  • HOT LUNCH: Grilled chicken with turmeric rice & assorted veggies. BBQ sauce cup
  • Turkey & cheddar pretzel w/ cream of broccoli soup combo
  • EXTRA: Ham & grilled pineapple sandwich w/ BBQ aioli cup
  • Sun-dried tomato chicken & parmesan cheese wrap w/ sun-dried tomato aioli                          
  • Chef salad w/ ranch dressing


   Tuesday, January 24

  • HOT LUNCH: Meatballs pasta w/ cheese
  • Ham & Swiss focaccia sandwich w/ cream of broccoli soup combo
  • Southwestern chicken salad w/ salsa ranch


   Wednesday, January 25

  • HOT LUNCH: Chicken fajita with Spanish rice, black beans and grilled onions & peppers
  • Turkey & provolone croissant w/ corn chowder soup combo            
  • Chicken Caesar salad w/ Caesar dressing


   Thursday, January 26

  • FIT MEAL: Roasted sweet potatoes and onions with garlic green beans & grilled chicken
  • Egg salad sandwich on multigrain
  • Basil pesto chicken pita w/ pesto aioli
  • Apple turkey salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette


   Friday, January 27

  • HOT LUNCH: Vodka pasta w/ grilled chicken & Italian cheese blend
  • Caprese sandwich w/ pesto aioli
  • Chipotle chicken wrap w/ chipotle ranch
  • Cobb salad w/ ranch dressing


   Also Available This Week:

  • Breakfast burritos w/ banana – chocolate chips bread, fruit & salsa cups (T-W-TH)
  • Sloppy Joe’s with veggie tray & ranch dressing (T-W)
  • PB & jelly combo (Monday only)